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Finally, an accountability system that puts students first.

bravEd’s Benefits-Based Accountability Framework™ helps schools measure progress based on needs, not test scores.

bravEd helps schools focus on their future

Accountability is a discipline of leadership. Done well, it is the key to a healthy, vibrant organization. Done poorly, it prevents success.

Why Benefits-Based Accountability™


Master the right words

It gets everyone on the same page with a common vocabulary

Measure your progress

It offers a custom list of "student benefits” to gauge the success of local initiatives

Communicate with stakeholders

It presents a viable alternative to share with parents & policy-makers

Know your stakeholders.
Know your schools.

When a parent sends their child to school, they have high expectations. The ability to meet those expectations builds trust — the key to all great learning organizations.

But schools often have a hard time communicating their success. That’s because current test-based accountability systems focus on the past. If we want policy-makers to help change this, we have to provide a workable alternative.

The brainchild of author, speaker and veteran education researcher John Tanner, the bravEd Benefits-Based Accountability Framework™ helps schools, communities and policy-makers shift the narrative from compliance to students and future benefits.

When stakeholders operate from a common vocabulary, focused on the future, they can understand each other, partner to meet and exceed expectations, and  pursue the greater good.

We’re leading a nationwide movement of 1,000+ school districts to change how schools do accountability.

Join us today.

We have finally found a thought partner that understands the transformative work that needs to be done in order to help us truly empower and inspire our students. If you are exhausted with living in the 20th century accountability system and value an accountability system that is student centered and seeks to report the truth on what you do, Brave-Ed and John Tanner can build your capacity to do so. I know this because we’re doing this in my school district.

Dr. JAMES LLOYDSuperintendent

Through the work with John, our district teachers, administrators, and students feel empowerment that inspires. It is refreshing and exciting, especially in the face of increasing challenges from the compliance-driven focus of state accountability.

JANA RUETER, ED.D.Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction San Angelo Independent School District

The Benefits-Based Accountability™ Framework provides a truly comprehensive method for communicating all that a school and district is doing to meet the needs of students and the community.

CRAIG HARPERExecutive Director Professional Association of Georgia Educators

Tanner gets it. If we want to change the work we do and change the results we get, we need to change the system. Changing our current system requires we find a new box to think inside of. John has created a compelling design for a new box.

DOUG CHRISTENSENFormer Nebraska Commissioner of Education; Professor of Leadership in Education, Graduate Division Doane College

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