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    Get John’s slides from his latest keynote and workshop and learn more about his statewide cohort experience to help TX schools build a system of localized accountability focused on student benefits.

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    “Through the work with John, our district teachers, administrators, and students feel empowerment that inspires. It is refreshing and exciting, especially in the face of increasing challenges from the compliance-driven focus of state accountability.”


    Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction San Angelo Independent School District

    About John Tanner

    John Tanner is one of the nation’s leading voices on school-based accountability. In a career that spans more than three decades, he has worked with hundreds of school districts in nearly every state to help rethink and revise outdated accountability systems.

    His True Accountability framework was created to help school leaders rethink the very definition of school performance. Rather than anchor evaluations in the compliance-based models of the past, True Accountability helps schools embrace a model of school performance focused on the future and providing student benefits.

    John’s framework is used by school leaders across the country to help them develop hyper-local accountability systems, with a focus on students and communities.

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