Dear friend,

Redefining how we think about school accountability and, by extension, student performance, is a point of emphasis for Kentucky schools in the New Year.

For too long, we have been beholden to a narrow compliance-driven system that puts test scores and other lagging indicators ahead of student benefits. Work is underway through L3 and other initiatives to change the way Kentuckians approach school accountability, by putting local needs first.

For these efforts to be effective, they must be locally led. It’s in that spirit that we announce a new partnership with school accountability expert John Tanner. Through his organization, bravEd, John has helped hundreds of school systems redesign antiquated accountability models to reflect evolving student and community needs. His True Accountability Framework represents a practical roadmap that Kentucky school leaders can use to complement their ongoing local initiatives in this critical area.

I am writing today to encourage you to consider joining this effort.

What is it?

  • A multipart cohort-based virtual workshop for KY districts and campus teams

Why True Accountability?

  • Simultaneously manage the current test-based system, while working with colleagues to design local, student-first alternatives

How to participate

  • Sign up district and campus teams of up to five by going here.

What’s it cost?

  • The entry fee is $5,500 for a single district team; additional campus teams are $2,750 per campus, with discounts for 10 or more campuses

Note: bravEd recommends a pilot consisting of 1 district and a minimum of 3 campuses (1 elementary, 1 middle, 1 high school) Small districts with less than 3 campuses will be paired together.

To support involvement in the program, bravEd is offering free board, administrator and principal informational sessions. To learn more, go here.

Registration for this cohort is now open. The goal is to kickoff the first session Monday, Feb. 1. Our ask is that you please try to register your teams by Tuesday, Jan. 25.

We view this as a fiercely independent reform effort, effectively owned by the schools and districts doing the work. Our intention in introducing John’s framework is to give your team a set of tools and a practical roadmap to build a benefits-based system for Kentuckians, by Kentuckians.

To learn more and sign up, or should you have any questions, please go here.

Thank you for all that you continue to do for Kentucky’s students and communities.

Jim Flynn, Executive Director
Kentucky Association of School Superintendents