Primer Cohort

A Path to True Accountability™

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This introductory primer gives key members of your school leadership team a comprehensive view of the philosophy and process behind the True Accountability™ framework.

Intended for up to (5) team members, the Intro Cohort includes:

Structured monthly seminars (learning efforts)
A series of (10) 90-minute learning sessions, in which school leaders will establish a vocabulary for True Accountability™, challenge prevailing misconceptions, and learn how to build a benefits-based True Accountability™ system for use in their schools.

Accountability book study
Participants will engage in a collaborative book study to understand the benefits and drawbacks of traditional accountability frameworks and develop forward-thinking models that meet the needs of students, and the expectations of parents and staff.

BravEd Portal access
Participants receive 24/7 access to the gated BravEd portal, a virtual library featuring the latest research and writing around K-12 school-based accountability. Use the portal for your own research and find resources to share among and with your broader school and community team.

Working Cohort

A Path to True Accountability™

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Invite key school and community team members to participate in this comprehensive and collaborative process to understand, build and implement a working True Accountability™ framework.

Intended for up to (12) team members, the Working Cohort includes:

Everything in the Primer Cohort + project-based workshops + quarterly strategy & progress sessions

Project-based workshops
Participants engage in a series of (9) coordinated working sessions to solve problems of practice and move school and district accountability plans from concept to action.

Quarterly strategy & progress sessions
John and his team will check in with participants once a quarter for 60 minutes to gauge their progress, provide advice and ensure the work stays on track.

Advanced District Model

A Path to True Accountability™

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Intended for single school districts, our most exclusive package provides your entire district with the resources, tools and coaching to design and implement the True Accountability™ framework.

Intended for individual school districts, this model is exclusive to your district and can include as many team, community & staff as needed.

Everything in the Working Cohort + teacher/staff PD support + board training + new staff induction

Teacher/staff PD support
John’s team will meet with participating teachers and staff to review the True Accountability™ framework, lay out a timeline and discuss practical roles and responsibilities.

Board training
John and his team will demonstrate the True Accountability™ concept and framework for your school board, with a presentation that both explains the concept and secures buy-in.

New staff induction
Because True Accountability™ is a continuous process, you’ll need a system by which to onboard new staff. When you choose the Advance model, your first year or new staff induction is included.

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