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A new policy framework for benefits-based accountability in K-12 schools

By John Tanner

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    • Explore compliance-based vs. benefits-based accountability
    • The challenges and drawbacks of today’s test-based systems
    • Costs and return on investment of Benefits-Based Accountability for K-12 schools

    About John Tanner

    John Tanner is one of the nation’s leading voices on school-based accountability. In a career that spans more than three decades, he has worked with hundreds of school districts in nearly every state to help rethink and revise outdated accountability systems.

    His Benefits-Based Accountability Framework was created to help school leaders rethink the very definition of school performance. Rather than anchor evaluations in the compliance-based models of the past, Benefits-Based Accountability helps schools embrace a model of school performance focused on the future and providing student benefits.

    John’s framework is used by school leaders across the country to help them develop hyper-local accountability systems, with a focus on students and communities.

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