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bravEd Ambassadors

At bravEd, we’re creating a national movement committed to replacing outdated protectionist-based school accountabilities with a Benefits-Based Accountability that puts the focus squarely on students and their futures.

Our team of bravEd Ambassadors represents a team of current and former educators and education advocates who believe what we believe: that traditional test-based accountabilities stymie school progress and do an incredible disservice to students, their families and our local communities.

bravEd Ambassadors serve as our “boots on the ground” in key states and regions where this work is either in progress, or just taking hold. If you’re an educator or school leader in one of these states or regions and you’re interested in the merits of a Benefits-Based Accountability in your schools or communities, reach out to your ambassador to learn more.

Don’t see your region? Interested in becoming a voice for Benefits-Based Accountability in your state? Contact us here to learn more about becoming an ambassador.

greg goins

Dr. Greg Goins


Dr. Greg Goins is a veteran school administrator, teacher, author, speaker, and podcaster with more than 25 years of experience leading transformative change within education. Dr. Goins is currently a full-time professor and Director of the Educational Leadership Program at Georgetown College in Kentucky and has 15 years of experience as a school district superintendent in Illinois. He is also an Educational Consultant (G2 Ed Solutions) and the host of the nationally acclaimed Reimagine Schools Podcast.

dr jim lloyd

Dr. Jim Lloyd


Dr. Jim Lloyd just completed his 28th year as a public educator and 9th year as the superintendent for the Olmsted Falls City School District. He believes in inspiring and empowering students and staff to be transformative and has been frustrated with how the traditional educational system reports on and accounts for the value that it provides. He believes that by engaging all stakeholders through the collaborative process public education can elevate the lives, dreams and aspirations of the community. It’s not that test scores do not matter, says Lloyd, it’s that they are not enough and are too short sighted to describe the profound impact that transformative education has on our Nation’s youth.

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