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Why Benefits-Based Accountability™?

A 4-step formula for more effective K-12 schools

School accountability is broken. But it doesn’t have to be. bravEd’s Benefits-Based Accountability Framework™ challenges school leaders to rethink the limiting compliance-based frameworks of the past in favor of a benefits-based approach that positions them for the future.

Equal parts theory and practice, the bravEd Benefits-Based Accountability Framework™ was designed to give your school team the thinking and practical application to deliver true and lasting benefits to students, parents and staff — with a focus on trust.



Benefits represent the things stakeholders expect as a result of their relationship with your organization. Together, we’ll identify the benefits that your stakeholders expect from you and your schools, and use that as the foundation for our work.

Nature of effort

Your stakeholders do not speak the language of your organization. That means your organization must demonstrate, through action, what it is doing to help your stakeholders. We’ll talk about the steps you should take to walk the talk with your community.


It’s one thing to talk about change, it’s another to create the expectation for it. Are you setting mile markers and deadlines for improvements or policy changes to occur? We’ll talk about the importance of timing and show you how to set deadlines.


It’s easy to get distracted. That’s why it’s important to send signals and share evidence that your school or district is progressing toward its stated goals. We’ll show you the different types of signals to send and help you make a plan for keeping pace.

Ready to take a Benefits-Based approach to school accountability?

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